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1. Discovery

I meet the stakeholders, conduct meetings, collect information like project goals, business goals, constraints and other data essential to the discovery process. 


2. Research

I jump onto conductive in depth analysis and research on the product through qualitative and quantitative research. This helps me get to the bottom of the problem and "why" the problems and issues exist. 


3. Analysis & Ideation

Once the research provides data, I move on to data analysis and ideation by conducting brainstorming sessions with all stakeholders. Collaboration with the team helps me understand all sides of the product and in design thinking efficiently. 


4. Design 

During design process, I first lay the foundation through information architecture using design thinking, design patterns and create a working prototype. I collaborate with all team members during design process to make sure all goals are being met.


5. Test & Evaluate

Taking the first iteration of the functional prototype, I quickly test it out with a set of users. I conduct heuristic analysis, face to face or remote testing, moderated and unmoderated testing and anything else the project may require. These results are then used to finalize the prototype and create a high fidelity prototype to present.


6. Present & Handoff

I conduct presentations with all stakeholders where I present the entire process and product and how the team collaborated during the process. I present my research findings, provide numerical data & KPIs to support the findings and show the final finished hi-fi prototype. 

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