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Hello there!


Hello from the intersection of creativity and innovation! I'm Pooja Gurudatt, a designer whose journey began in Bangalore, India's tech hub, and continued to Cary, NC. I blend cultures and experiences, evolving from pixel artistry in school to crafting immersive digital experiences. I have about 5 years experience in the tech industry.


Navigating from software engineering at NTT Data to discovering my true passion in product design at Rutgers University, my journey is a fusion of technical expertise and artistic expression, guided by ambition and a love for creating memorable user experiences.

I currently own and run "ELEVENLY HOUSE" design studio here in Cary, North Carolina and work as a product designer. My studio started as a passion project in 2020 and has become my core indulgence! 


Life is to be lived and I enjoy making the most of my time. While being on a creative entrepreneurial journey, I find it important to indulge in my passions that I also use at work. I somehow figured out how to inter mingle my love for so many things into my job. 

Design: Product design, surface design, book design, visual design, UX & UI design, invitation design, signboard design, web design and mobile app design.

Art: Illustrations, abstract paintings, type art, patterns, logos, branding, travel line watercolor art, landscape paintings, Indian traditional artwork.

Photography: Branding photos, travel photos, lifestyle photos, product photography, portraits and art photography.

Writing: Blogging, journaling, poetry.

Crafting: Sewing dresses, bag making, jewelry making, pottery, glass painting, polymer clay goods, candle making, soap making.


2003-2004 : Certificate in Web Design, 7th Grade. Bengaluru, India.

2007-2009 : Computer Science Major in Pre-Univeristy. Bengaluru, India.

2009-2013 : Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering. Bengaluru, India.

2013-2016 : Software Engineer at NTT Data Americas. Bengaluru, India

2017-2019 : Master of Business & Science in UX Design at Rutgers University, USA.

2020 - present : Founder at Elevenly House Design Studio. North Carolina, USA.

Design 4 Good

For the greater good of the world, I love doing non profit projects with my skills. If you would like to invite me to be part of your world-betterment journey, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! You can send me an email with a brief of what the project is about and what I can help you with. 

Design 4 good is my initiative with Elevenly House to give back to the world what I can, when I can :)

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