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Hello there!


I'm Pooja Gurudatt, a creative soul all the way from India, living in America. Born and brought up in the "Silicon Valley of India" - Bangalore City, I now live with my baby boy and my husband in Cary, NC! I love it here and enjoy the great outdoors so much. 

My journey into design started with my love for designing websites in middle school. I was thrilled to discover Photoshop and dived deep into what I can possibly create. Obsessing over computers, I graduated with a degree in computer science engineering and worked as a software engineer in NTT Data for over three years. 

Life took a huge turn when I met my husband and I moved to Manhattan in 2017. I then pursued my passion into design at Rutgers University which fostered my love for user research, design while learning and networking with the best in the field. We later moved to North Carolina after the birth of my son and during my maternity break.

I'm currently on maternity break but still working in a non-profit startup as a lead UX designer and preparing to get back into the tech sector again. If you think your team needs a UX designer, please reach out to me! 


My Philosophy

I want to work with good people doing great work.

How can I serve the world with better ways to communicate ideas through meaningful and impactful ways? I want to transform experiences to really elevate the way a business works. I solve problems for large audiences and small. To delight is to be successful in my field of work!


Jill of all trades and master of one!

I enjoy a plethora of hobbies and activities and believe that play is a very important part of life. I have always been into sports and creative hobbies and also indulge in my latest love - travel and photography. I geek out over designing things and my guilty pleasure is watching artists and designer speed work their craft on youtube or other platforms. Its fun to do some work while watching someone else also doing what they love, and learning some tips and tricks along the way :) I actively seek out adventures and believe in living life large!




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Contact me

I would be honored to work with you!
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