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Hello there!


Greetings from the crossroads of creativity and innovation! I'm Pooja Gurudatt, a vibrant spirit who embarked on a design odyssey from the dynamic heart of India to the bustling landscapes of America. Hailing from the tech-thriving haven of Bangalore City, India's very own "Silicon Valley," my journey through pixels and prototypes has led me to where I stand today—with my compass pointing towards captivating user experiences and my heart deeply rooted in the lush terrains of Cary, NC.


Nurtured by a diverse blend of cultures and experiences, I've journeyed from crafting pixel-perfect dreams during middle school days to orchestrating symphonies of design that breathe life into digital spaces. My affair with Photoshop ignited a creative spark that still burns fiercely, shaping my path in unexpected ways.


From crunching code to choreographing seamless user experiences, my voyage led me through the corridors of software engineering at NTT Data. But, as life often unfolds its intricacies, I found myself at a crossroads in Manhattan—a juncture that beckoned me to embrace my true calling. Guided by the starlight of ambition, I ventured into the halls of Rutgers University, where the art and science of design converged in a spectacular dance. There, I discovered the nuanced world of user research, the eloquence of design principles, and the electrifying pulse of networking with the best minds in the field.


Amid the whirlwind of change, the birth of my son bestowed upon me a new title: Lead Life-architect and Baby-whisperer Extraordinaire. Currently on a maternity break, that hasn't stopped me from unleashing my design prowess as a lead UX designer for a non-profit startup. As the winds of change whisper tales of fresh beginnings, I'm gearing up to rejoin the tech sector's vibrant symphony.


If you're on the lookout for a UX virtuoso who transforms ideas into interactive magic, I'm just a message away. Let's craft experiences that linger in users' minds and shape the future, one journey at a time.


As a dedicated UX designer, my mission is to enrich global communication through purposeful design, orchestrating experiences that redefine business paradigms. I navigate challenges adeptly, from large-scale audiences to intimate settings, crafting solutions that transcend expectations. Within this realm, success is not solely defined by problem-solving, but by the seamless fusion of innovation and delight, creating enduring user-centric moments. My journey is driven by the pursuit of meaningful transformation, ensuring that every interaction resonates with purpose and elegance.


Jill of all trades and master of one!

Within the intricate weave of existence, I'm a passionate pursuer of diverse fascinations. Believing that play is life's essence, I embrace a spectrum of hobbies. From sports that invigorate my spirit to creative ventures that ignite my soul, I've always been drawn to exploration.

The realm of creativity is my sanctuary. Photography intertwines with my travels, capturing fleeting moments. Designing, for me, is breathing life into ideas. An unusual joy emanates from watching artists and designers swiftly master their crafts on platforms like YouTube, imbibing their expertise to fuel my own creativity.

An innate ardor for adventure propels me forward, urging me to live life expansively. Every day is a canvas for experiences, painted with the hues of unbridled enthusiasm. In the grand theater of life, I'm an unwavering advocate of embracing its vastness, etching my unique story in its sands.

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