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Book Shelf

Book Cover Design


Magpie - a literary adventure taking readers through a visual treasure hunt in the lush green forests of the Amazon. Go on an adventure with author (fictional) Maggie Doyle Bern who takes you through her luscious imagination and wickedly sharp sense of humor. 

Maggie came to me with a request for an artistic book cover that features elements of the forest - birds, some greenery, to keep it minimalistic and elegant while having a splash of gold foil to make the book pop!


To create a custom book cover for a novel about the Amazonian rainforest, with a bird theme and neutral color palette. This book should also be hardbound, have gold foil for emphasis and oomph, as well as gorgeous type to make this book show-off worthy. A coffee table display-able kind of novel. A minimalistic design having visuals of birds, greenery, lots of space and keeping to the color theme of blush-gold neutrals.

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