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Pooja Gurudatt

SINCE 2013


Warm greetings! I'm Pooja Gurudatt, a User Experience Designer based in Raleigh - Durham. Thrilled to welcome you to my portfolio!


My passion lies in crafting seamless digital experiences. My goal? Elevate users, infuse joy into their journey, and weave impactful stories through design. Advocating for users and businesses alike, I believe in the power of meaningful design to shape successful narratives.


Let's embark on a journey of lasting impressions. I'm all ears—share your business aspirations, and together, let's create something remarkable!



Meaningful design. Curated to delight users. Backed by research.

Carpool World

How can we help carpoolworld deliver a better experience to their users, while collecting data and increasing user retention rates.

Yale School of Arts

How can I help Yale arts website reach out to a wider audience, cater to the needs of potential students and create a wonderful impression of the institute while calling to action for more applications and return visitors?


How can we help beach goers have a seamless, cashless beach experience?

Why work with me?


"My design philosophy embodies the grace of minimalism—stripped to its core, yet profoundly impactful. With every pixel, I infuse clarity, sculpting an aesthetic that breathes simplicity while resonating with purpose. In my creations, each element is a stanza of visual poetry, seamlessly woven into a symphony of meaning.

Guided by the pursuit of unfaltering ease, my designs transcend complexity, inviting users into a realm of intuitive understanding. This tapestry of minimalistic elegance, where every curve tells a story, beckons users to navigate effortlessly and embrace the allure of functional simplicity.

Beyond design, my heart beats in harmony with collaborative synergy. Partnering with impassioned designers, I orchestrate ideas into harmonious compositions. The global canvas calls to me—a space for melding cultures, bridging borders, and crafting innovative solutions. From the resonance of minimalist grace to the thrill of boundless teamwork, my journey is about crafting experiences that leave an indelible mark."

-Pooja Gurudatt


"Pooja is a good person and was very easy to connect with her. She is a hard-working person and creative. She very well knows how to utilize her knowledge and creativity from UXD (User Experience Design). She is honest and worked great with all the team members. She made sure of her deliverables that were perfectly researched and well planned out. It was a pleasure working with her. I wish her all success in her future endeavors!" - Shraddha

What can I help you with?


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